The Master’s Degree Final Project (9 ECTS) is included in all the official Master’s Degrees Study Plans as a module, subject or discipline. On its design the development, evaluation and qualification of the project must be organised within the period foreseen to develop the degree.

The Master’s Degree Final Project is a personal and original assessment both in the title and in the content, which each student will undertake autonomously under the academic mentoring, and it should enable the student to show an integrated acquirement of the learning contents and the degree competences. It cannot be in any case a previously presented assessment in any subject of any degree in this or in other university, even though it might integrate or develop assessments performed on activities on other degree subjects.

The Master’s Degree Final Project can be developed in external institutions or companies, on the established terms of the institutional agreements. In this case there will a co-mentor belonging to the institution or company. The academic mentor will share with the co-mentor the tasks of mentoring and orientation of the student, and it will be in any case responsibility of the mentor to facilitate the management.

To find out the research lines consult the coordinator Higinio González.

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Enrolment in the Master’s Degree Final Project

In order to enrol in the Master’s Degree Final Project the essential requirement is to enrol all the subjects all the required subjects to finish the study plan.


Master’s Degree Final Project Repository

In order to deposit the Master’s Degree Final Project before its defence it is necessary to be correctly enrolled and to have a favourable report from the mentor or mentors.

Students must always deposit the Project in the call in which they are going to defend it and always within the established dates, which will be given by the Director of the School, and which cannot overlap the deposit periods of the Bachelor’s Degree Final Project. If all the calls of the year in which the project has been deposited pass, the student will have to enrol again.



Call Defence request
End of the degree from 25/10/2022 to 27/10/2022
2nd term (June) from 20/06/2023 to 22/06/2023
2nd oportunity (July) from 18/07/2023 to 20/07/2023

Master’s Degree Final Project Coordinator

Higinio González Jorge
+34 988 387 272