The School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering is a space concerned by the equality policies. Therefore, there is an equality Liaison Officer who stimulates and implements the equality policies to contribute to the application and monitoring of the measures proposed in the Plan in order to achieve a more equal situation among women and men in the institution, and who is in continuous contact with the Equality Unit in the University of Vigo.

The School takes part in activities within the Campus of Ourense,

And together with other centres, or developed with the Equality Unit of the University of Vigo.

Virtual training itinerary on gender


The gender perspective in higher education teaching is one of the fundamental strategies to promote effective equality between women and men. Here you can download the Physics and Computer Science guides for university teaching with a gender perspective, promoted and originally published in Catalan by the Xarxa Vives d’Universitats and translated into Galician, within the framework of initiatives financed with funds from the State Pact against Gender Violence and developed by the Galician University System equality offices.

The I Equality Programme of the School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering was created with the aim of making the work developed until now explicit, and to contribute the achievement of the III Equality Programme of the University of Vigo. On its, 11 actions are suggested, lined up with the III Equality Programme objectives, and structured within its 4 action axes.

Further information

Equality liaison officer in the centre

María de las Nieves Lorenzo González
+34 988387329