UVigo SpaceLab

UVigo SpaceLab is a team created at the beginning of the 2020′ with a multidisciplinary approach by university students focused on the design, manufacturing and operation of small satellites and space missions within the educational field. Our members are students from different engineering degrees from the Campus of the University of Vigo, Campus Marcosende (Vigo) Campus Auga (Ourense).

OLLO – 3U CubeSat Study

Open Little Luminary Observatory – OLLO is a mission concept for 3 units CubeSat. OLLO’s goal is the scientific dissemination to general audience through an orbiting telescope of open access for celestial observations.

This study was selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) to take part in the workshop of Concurrent Energy in their premises ESEC-Galaxia, in Belgium. OLLO was the first mission study finished by UVigo SpaceLab and it enabled to establish and fix the laboratory infrastructure.

BIXO – 2U CubeSat Mission

BIXO (Bacteriological Intercommunication eXperiment Orbiter) is the next mission to be carried out, key to understand the effects of long-term expousure to the space environment for living organisms. It is essential to understand the harmfull effect that this expousure could have for humans and organisms which travel along with us. To achieve this goal, we will send to space bacterial cultures in a millifluidics card on board of a small satellite in a two units Cubesat format. Once in orbit, the experiment will last for 9 months, which is approximately the time that it takes to take a trip from Earth to Mars nowadays. This will allow us to study how process differ from the ones on Earth and how they can affect the behaviour of microorganisms short a medium term.

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UVigoMotorsport is a project created in 2014 by a group of School of Industrial Engineering students which aims to design and manufacture a competition single-seater vehicle to participate in the Formula Student. In 2019, the team was reinforced with a wide participation of School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering students.

Formula Student

The Formula Student is the most important students motor racing worldwide, where universities from all the world compete in professional channels to be the best team. It should be noted that the Formula Student is not a usual motor racing, with single-seater vehicles placed in a start line, where the winner is the faster, but it is an engineering competition, where aspects like design, reliability, driving of the single-seater, and more theoretical aspects, like a business plan preparation, costs and justification on the design decisions are taken into account.

Web: uvigomotorsport.com
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Telephone: 986 81 39 18
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UVigo Aerotech

UVigo Aerotech is a project created in 2020 by a group of School of Industrial Engineering students which aims to design and manufacture an ultralight fixed-wing competition drone to participate in the Air Cargo Challenge. The team takes part in the UVigo Aeromodel, which is a project that includes other engineering disciplines.

Air Cargo Challenge

The Air Cargo Challenge is one of the most important inter-university aeromodelling competitions at international level. Universities from all over the world compete to design and manufacture the model capable of carrying more weight in less time, mixing the more pure aspects of the competition, like speed, with other aspects of engineering, more theoretical, as it is also important to justify the performed designed.

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