According to the Royal Decree 1393/2007, of October 29, which establishes the arrangements for official university teaching, the credit transfer should be understood as the university accepting that credits which have been obtained in formal education either in this same University or in a different one can be computed to different ones to achieve an official qualification. Moreover, credits earned in different official higher education or in university studies leading to the collection of other degrees, referred to in the article 34.1 in the Organic Law 6/2001, of December 21, on Universities, can be recognised.

The credit transfer and recognition from the Bachelor’s Degrees must comply with the following basic rules:

  • As long as the degree to access belongs to the same branch of knowledge, a number of credit corresponding to at least the 15% of the total of credits in the degree, in the basic training subjects of the branch, can be recognised.
  • As long as the degree to access belongs to the same branch of knowledge, the credits corresponding to the basic training subjects can be recognised.
  • Can also be recognised the credits achieved in other basic training subjects belonging to the branch of knowledge of the degree to access.
  • The University can recognise other credits taking into account the competences and knowledges associated to the other subjects studied, as well as the included in the study plan or that have a cross curricular nature.

Awards granted to the Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering *
* This details are merely informative. The corresponding committee is responsible for the credit recognition.


On the other hand, students can have recognised up to 6 ECTS credits for their participation in university cultural activities, sports, student representation, and solidarity or cooperation activities. These credits will be deducted from the total amount of subjects to take. The regulation for this type of credit recognition can be found in the following link.


Admission criteria for the places given to the 30 ECTS credits recognition

Students will be ranked according to the average mark of the recognised credits (only taking into account the 30 ECTS with best marks) multiplied by a correcting factor F depending on the source degree:

  • F=1 if they come from a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering or similar degree.
  • F=0.9 if they come from any of the following Bachelor’s Degrees: Industrial, Telecommunications, Mining, Naval, Civil or Physics Engineering.
  • F=0.8 for any other degrees.

If there is a tie, the person with more credits recognised will be selected. If there is still a tie, the selection will be made according to the academic record.