The Master’s Degree in Unmanned Aircraft Systems is created as a high specialised degree for university students with two approaches, one focused in the unmanned aircraft systems engineering, led by the University of Vigo, and one focused in the unmanned aircraft systems application, led by the University of Santiago.

It is a unique project in the Galician University System and there are not any similar degrees in the Northwest of Spain, so its open to potential students from areas like Asturias, Castilla y León and the North of Portugal.


Potential demand and interest for society

The application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to the existing processes in the different activity scopes is enabling companies to create new business models. Each industry has different needs and as a consequence needs diverse UAS based solutions.

Specifically, the UAS can contribute to this sectors in operations like sites monitoring, infrastructures inspecting, last mile and in situ in factories logistics, geospatial data provision to measure risks for insurer companies, aerial photograph and professional video, telecommunication antennas inspection, electricity networks operations, internet services in remote areas, crops monitoring, pesticide drifts, monitoring, mining operations management, forestry management, marine space management, etc.