Designation of the Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering in the University of Vigo
RUCT Code: 2503357
Branch of knowledge: Engineering and Architecture
Regulated profession: Aeronautical Technical Engineer
Resolution: Resolution of the 15/01/2009 (BOE 29/01/2009)
Regulation: Order CIN/308/2009 (BOE 18/02/2009)
Number of ECTS: 240 ECTS
Specialisations: Consult the Degree Specialisations
Type of education: Classroom
Number of entry-level places: 50
Language of the degree: Galician, Spanish and
English/French on the language subjects
Permanence regulation: UVigo Regulation
Implementation Year: 2016/2017
Implementation Calendar: 2016/2017: 1st year, 2017/2018: 2nd year, 2018/2019: 3rd year, 2019/2020: 4th year
Verification Date: 09/06/2016
Date of authorization: DOG 13/07/2016
Date of approval: BOE 22/10/2016
Study Plan publication: BOE 22/11/2016 e DOG 21/11/2016
Teaching centre: School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering
Campus of Ourense
Coordination of the degree: José Antonio Vilán Vilán
Responsible of the degree: José Antonio Vilán Vilán
Degree Report: current report