The Welcome Day for 1st year students will take place on September 7 on-site (in the conference room Marie Curie in the politechnic building).

During the Welcome Day, students will receive information from the Library, the Language Centre, the Psych-pedagogical Unit, the University Extension Service, the Students Delegation, the Sport Service, the Volunteering Office and the International Relations Office to explain the offered services and the main managed programmes. This first contact will finish with a guided visit in the Campus of Ourense directed by the Centre Management Team and by the teaching staff.


  1. To facilitate new students the transit and adaptation to the university life.
  2. To introduce the available resources and tools in the University of Vigo and specifically in the School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering.
  3. To make known the lecture rooms, laboratories and facilities where they will study, as well as other infrastructures in the campus of Ourense.