It is possible to pass by compensation when the academic journey and the work carried out by a student is evaluated as a whole at the end of the Degree to determinate if the knowledge and competences achieved are enough to obtain the academic qualification, compensating subjects which have not been passed.

Requirements to admit the requests

The following requirements must be fulfilled to request to pass by compensation:

  1. At least 50% of the Degree credits must have been studied in the University of Vigo.
  2. The student must have left to graduate a maximum of two subjects, not exceeding the 12 credits, apart from the Bachelor’s Degree Final Project.
  3. The student must have use at least three evaluation chances in the subject(s) for which the passing by compensation is being requested, and the obtained mark cannot be less than 1 or non evaluated in any of the three chances.


Limits on the resolution of passing by compensation

  1. The Bachelor’s Degree Final Project or the internships cannot be passed by compensation.
  2. The maximum number of credits which can be passed by compensation during the academic life are 12.
  3. If the student is not enrolled in the subject(s) to be evaluated when requesting the compensation, it cannot be passed using compensation.
  4. Compensated subjects cannot be recognised in other Degrees in the University of Vigo.
  5. If there is a serious penalty in the academic record of a student, this student cannot pass any subject by compensation.


Resolution criteria for passing by compensation

The subject(s) will be passed by compensation after proving the compliance of all the previous requirements and limitations, as long as at least one of the following situations applies:

  1. That the student has achieved a mark of at least 3.5 in the subject(s) to be compensated.
  2. That the average of the academic record is at least the average mark of the degree in the last promotion eligible for teaching.

If the requester is not in any of these cases or if he or she is in a professionalizing regulated Degree but fulfils all the necessary requirements, the request will be processed for the Compensation Committee to value.

The evaluation by compensation request must be directed through a student’s instance to the subject registration centre. This can take place in each evaluation period from the minutes opening to 15 working days after the closing of the minutes submission.